Zombie’s ‘Rejects’ to Take Over Comic Book

Rob Zombie’s upcoming The Devil’s Rejects (review #1, Mr. D blurb), the spin-off to House of 1000 Corpses, is not only headed to theaters this summer (July 22)- but it’s also coming to your local comic shop too! Not only has Rob Zombie begun working on the comic, which will debut at the San Diego Comic Con, but he is working on A Director’s Diary: The making of The Devil’s Rejects, a book he is writing. Read on for details on both!Rob writes in his blog:

Well, it never ends. As we speak I am writing stories for the Devil’s Rejects comic book. This will premeire at the San Diego comic con. These will be stories taken from the characters bios that you can find on the official site. So keep an eye out.

Also in the works is A Director’s Diary: The making of The Devils’s rejects. This is a book about the making of the film, but instead of doing the typical film book I am compiling around my own script rare photos, blueprints, designs and other stuff no one ever sees. The script is my personal script with all my handwritten notes and changes wihile shooting. I think this will be a really cool thing for anyone into film and what goes on behind the scenes.


I just thought I’d give you a heads up on one of the amazing artists that willl be working on The Devil’s Rejects comic. His name is David Hartman and you can check out his work at www.sideshowmonkey.com

Source: Lions Gate's Zombie Blog