Exclusive Inside Details on Mendez’s ‘Gravedancers’

The trades reported that Mike Mendez’s (Real Killers, The Convent) next film Gravedancers was about to shoot when actually it’s pretty much already a wrap! We’ve got some inside details on the film, the story and the characters that will definitely get you psyched for the long MIA Mendez’s next film- who does he think he is, Tarantino? Just kidding. The film stars Dominic Purcell, Josie Maran, Tcheky Karyo, Claire Kramer, Marcus Thomas and Megahn Perry and follows three friends who desecrate the graves of three very unforgiving ghosts. Read on for the exclusive skinny…Anonymous writes in:

“Gravedancers (one word according to the script) is about to wrap (hopefully in a week or so – there hasn’t been any doubt of going over schedule since production began) in Greensboro, NC.

The flick has an awesome ensemble cast, the beautiful Josie Maran and the very talented Frenchman Tcheky Kayro. Here’s a rundown on the cast:

Dominic Purcell, Josie Maran, and Marcus Thomas are a trio of friends who’ve recently reunited for the funeral of the fourth friends funeral. They return to the graveyard the night of the funeral slightly buzzed and then get really drunk.

They find a card on their friends grave with a poem called The Gravedancers Lament. The poem tells the friends to celebrate life by dancing on the graves (doesn’t sound this stupid when played out.) So they do.

They desecrate the graves of three really angry ghosts and they are:

A piano teacher whom upset after her marital infidelity is revealed to her husband – starts killing people with an axe. She possesses Josie Marans character’s dead body – and the result is one scary f*cking monster. (Dominick Purcellis ghost.)

Second ghost is a judge, Judge Langer – whom was a model citizen on the surface – and a pedophile secretly with a torture chamber in his basement. (Josie Maran’s ghost.)

Thirdly and the coolest ghost: Dennis. Dennis is a little boy that died in the fifties and had a thing for starting fires. It’s believed by the locals that he started the fire that consumed his house and killed himself along with his family. (Marcus Thomas’s ghost.)

His ghost likes to chant nursery rhymes and burst into flames. One cool scene is where his ghost is walking around Marcus Thomas’s apartment and all we see are firey children’s footprints leading into a room.

Oh, and according to the Gravedancer’s lament – the curse lasts from moon to moon – one month – or until the ghost kills the desecrator of their grave. The ghosts grow stronger as the month goes on.”