Tarantino Shows His Love for Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’

Wow this is an interesting bit of news courtesy of the latest issue of the awesome Rue Morgue Magazine. According to an interview with Eli Roth (Cabin Fever), legend Quentin Tarantino helped Eli work on his script for his next film Hostel, which is being released by Sony Screen Gems. Read on for the story…JoBlo catches the scooparoonie from the latest issue of Rue Morgue:

“The coolest f*cking thing was that Tarantino read it [his HOSTEL screenplay] and loved it so much that he invited me to his house and spent a day doing a dialogue polish with me. I couldn’t believe it. He’s been incredibly helpful throughout this whole process, helping me with story, character development and coming up with great ideas. He loves the project and has really encouraged me to get back on the floor and make another down-and-dirty ultra-violent horror film.”

Source: Rue Morgue, JoBlo