Lost Star Joins Craven’s ‘The Breed’

Ian Somerhalder, star of the hit TV show Lost, has joined the cast of Wes Craven’s The Breed, according to Moviehole.net. The film tells of two brothers, one a highly athletic daredevil and the other a much more serious and sensitive type, who in the midst of trying to patch up their wonky relationship – on a getaway at their Uncle’s house – are forced to flee a pack of vicious killer dogs – the titular ‘Breed’. Read on for the story…Moviehole writes, “Filmmaker Nick Mastandrea has found a star for his new horror pic “The Breed” – and he’s straight off a deserted island.

“Lost” fave Ian Somerhalder has won a plum role in Wes Craven produced “The Breed”, shooting in South Africa later this week.

Somerhalder, whose film credits include “The Rules of Attraction” and “Life as a House”, will play one of two distinctly different brothers who wind up on a deserted island only to do battle with evil, but strangely-smart dogs.

Wes Craven and David Lancaster are the executive producers. Giulio Biccari ["Dracula 3000"] is the DOP. Director Mastandrea was Craven’s first assistant director on “Cursed”, “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” and the “Scream” series.

“The Breed” should hit theatres next year.”

Source: Moviehole