Another Look at Takashi Miike’s ‘One Missed Call’

Takashi Miike’s One Missed Call is quite an interesting film when it comes to horror fans, it’s like licorice- you either love it or hate it. Well our good buddy Chris loved it, you can read his review here, but on the other side of the spectrum you’ve got good ol’ Buzz who rips it to shreds. Read Buzz’s review here and feel free to type your own reviews under theirs. One Missed Call is being remade here in the US (what a surprise) by Kadokawa Pictures. When Yumi’s friend meets a gruesome and mysterious death three days after receiving a phone call on her mobile phone that was dated from the future, Yumi finds herself destined to meet the same doom. As her friends one-by-one meet the same grisly end, Yumi takes it upon herself to figure out the puzzle before her, in hopes that she can solve it before her phone rings as well.

Source: The Movie Pit is Redemption