I’m Sick of What You Did Last Summer…

An eye for an eye is the horror terms for a favor for a favor- and according to our scooper named Creepmaster, Jennifer Love Hewitt may be making a pact with the devil… another I Know What You Did Last Summer? Oh god please no. Read on for the scoop and remember to take this strictly as rumor until confirmed by official sources…The ‘Creepmaster’ writes in:

Hey Mr D,

I’m from Lake Gregory in Crestline, and work at the local furniture store. Guess who we had come in? Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s gorgeous – and courteous, and in a cute sort of a way, she’s clumsy (her cards fell out when she went to pay). She has been in before apparently, but first time I’ve been on when she’s come in.

Anyway, she was gracious, and I crapped on about how I enjoyed the I know what you did Last Summer movies and Can’t Hardly Wait. I said it’s a pity that there’s no more ‘Last Summer’ movies, because the last one left it open for one, and she said ‘well, actually’ and smiled.

I got all hyped when she said there’s talks, and that she loves that character and those movies and said “I’ll hope you’ll come and see it if it happens“.

She then said something about if enugh people see her in something called “Magix 7” or “Special 7” then she’s happy to return favours with another “Last Summer”.