It’s Stuart Gordon’s Turn for ‘Masters of Horror’

Showtime’s incredible new venture- Masters of Horror– is well into production and planning is now under way for Stuart Gordon’s one hour horror flick entitled The Dreams in the Witch-House. The story for the upcoming film is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (what a surprise) and will reunite Gordon with Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator). Read on for more casting news and details…Fangoria writes:

Genre stalwart Stuart (RE-ANIMATOR) Gordon has lined up the leads for his MASTERS OF HORROR segment THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH-HOUSE, scripted by Dennis Paoli from the H.P. Lovecraft story. Jeffrey Combs will indeed be playing Mazurewicz, “The hero’s bizarre neighbor,” Gordon tells Fango. Ezra Godden, who starred in Gordon’s DAGON, joins Combs as the film’s protagonist, the obsessed student Walter Gilman.

“THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH-HOUSE has always been one of my favorite Lovecraft stories,” the director notes. “The image of a witch showing up in your bedroom in the middle of the night and dragging you out of bed and forcing you to murder babies is a nightmare that’s hard to get out of your head. And while most witches have black cats for their familiars, Keziah Mason’s is Lovecraft’s most memorable monster: Brown Jenkin, the rat with a human face. Besides Jeff and Ezra, I’ve got some babies and rats to cast.”

Oddly enough, back in the ’80s, Combs starred in a segment of the uncompleted Charles Band anthology PULSEPOUNDERS, which lifted WITCH’s storyline and co-starred David Gale as the rat thing. Combs, meanwhile, is all over the place these days, with supporting turns in ALL SOUL’S DAY, ABOMINABLE and the recent season finale of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. The actor is currently directing a play in Los Angeles. Showtime will air the Vancouver-lensed MASTERS in October, and creator Mick Garris will give us the scoop on the series Saturday at the Burbank Weekend of Horrors convention.

Source: Fangoria