Big Time Clive Barker Update: Man He’s Busy!

Clive Barker is a legend in the horror industry and not only has scrambled our brains with a few incredible Hellraiser films, but has taken horror to other places such as in art and in novels. As he prepares to make his triumphant return to directing, he still has some big things in the works in those other realms such as the death of Pinhead. Read on for the full update from the legend himself…Dread Central was nice enough to pull out some highlights. Click here for the full interview:

The final story of Pinhead, The Scarlet Gospels, is still being written, and Clive has re-discovered that dark place that helped him create The Books of Blood in the process. The infamous detective Harry D’Amour will first meet Pinhead when he is but a 12-year-old boy. NECA will be working with Clive on creating figures based on the characters in Gospels, as well as the attic scene from Hellraiser that we last mentioned to you here.

Work also continues on the third Abarat book, called Absolute Midnight, and Clive says it’s going to be the longest and darkest one yet…but not as dark as Book Four will be.

Art Asylum is creating plush toys based on some of Barker’s original creations, to be called Jump Tribes, for which Barker has written brief (1500 words) stories about each one. They will be unveiled at next month’s Comic Con.

Midnight Meat Train is set to shoot in New York this year, and Clive’s just finished a polish on the script…

A Weaveworld film is closer to reality, as a writer named Steve Molton has produced a script that everyone seems happy with, which moves the action back to the story’s original place, England.

Source: Revelations