Horror Comic Quickie: New Line and Satan’s Three RIng Circus

The San Diego Comic Con is coming up and I came across a few fantastic comics over the past few weeks that I think you might want to check out while you’re attending the convention. Avatar Press started an incredible line entitled New Line Cinema’s House of Horror, which features one-shots of Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm St. I read these issues and was astonished at how much writer Brian Pulido knows about these franchises! I was excited when i found out that these will become actual comic lines in the very near future. For more details click here. Another great book for your toilet hour is one called Satan’s Three Ring Circus by Asylum Press. The book is like a satanic version of Tales from the Crypt with tons of short fun stories to keep your active brain busy. Hopefully we’ll come across some more great stuff at the con, but until then read on for a look at some of these great covers and synopses…

STEP RIGHT UP and SEE ROBERT’S STEVEN RHINE’s Horrific Circus of Hell – featuring 40 original tales of terror and dark humor by author R.S. Rhine (Satan Gone Wild,” Chicken Soup For Satan) Covers by Frank Forte. Stories include “Gas Pains” by Tim Vigil, “Cthulhu” by William Stout , “Spare Parts” by John Cassaday , “Mr. Dead” by Hilary Barta , “Satan Claws” by Jim Smith (Ren & Stimpy), “Anna” by Tone Rodriguez , “The Tumor Faced Lady Eric Pigors, “Separation Anxiety” by Frank Forte and over 30 others. Introducing: Coco The Crack Ho, Doctor Narcolepsy, Cirque Du Soul, Party Clown, The Magician From Hell, The Human Love Doll, The Boy With The Talking Head, Molten Metallurgia, The Beverly Hellbellies and more!!

One, two, he’s coming for you… Freddy’s back in this all new three issue series from the same intense creative team as the sold-out Nightmare Special! The master of the macabre, writer Brian Pulido, and the illustrative genius, artist Juan Jose Ryp, return to bring Freddy Krueger back into the tormented dreams of children. This new series finds the kids of Springwood all drugged up with Hypnocyl, trying to keep Krueger from their heads. But Freddy has a plan, stop the shipments of Hypnocyl from reaching the town! As they start to dream again, his power grows, and so does the carnage! Let the splatter begin! As well as this regular cover by series artist Juan Jose Ryp, it’s also available with a Wraparound, Gore, Terror, and a super-limited black leather cover with art by Juan Jose Ryp.

The hit team of the sold out Friday Special return for a new three issue gore-filled series featuring Jason Voorhees! With Brian Pulido writing and Mike Wolfer on art, you know it will be an violent bloodbath of carnage! On the shore of pristine Crystal Lake lies the long-neglected Camp Tomorrow, badly in need of rehabilitation. Charged with reforming the camp, ten teenagers have come to the site with the hopes of earning a quick paycheck and partaking in the most decadent party-filled weekend of their lives. But as their first night of debauchery commences, they begin to learn, one by one, that their surprisingly common family backgrounds are a little too coincidental… And that their presence has reawakened the curse of Jason Voorhees! Striking forth from the shadows in an unrelenting orgy of blood, Jason will defend his territory at all costs, but is he truly the hunter or actually the prey in a much larger and more sinister plot? As well as this regular cover by series artist Mike Wolfer, it’s also available with a Wraparound, Gore, Terror, and a super-limited black leather cover with art by Mike Wolfer.

Leatherface lives on! Writer Brian Pulido returns to unleash more psychological terror now teaming with sensational new artist Daniel HDR. Fuller Texas. Summer 1972. The Jefferson Girl’s Choir is traveling across the state for a revival meeting and makes the horrible mistake of a stop at the Hewitt family General store. They enter a horrifying world of madness and depravity that their bible-fearing beliefs couldn’t prepare them for as Leatherface, Sheriff Hoyt, Old Monty, Luba May and the entire Hewitt clan hunt them down and torture them. Can any of them survive or will they be the new masks of Leatherface? As well as this regular cover by series artist Daniel HDR, it’s also available with a Terror cover by Juan Jose Ryp and Gore, Wraparound, and a super-limited black leather cover with art by Daniel HDR.

Source: Avatar Press, Asylum Press