It’s Official, Someone is Out of Their Friggin Minds!

Confirming B-D and Filmjerk’s report here, Sony Pictures has officially run out of ideas- completely. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “An outbreak of sequelitis has hit Sony Pictures Entertainment. Hollow Man 2, Road House 2 — Last Call and I Know What You Did Last Summer 3 are in various stages of development at the company. It has not been determined whether the projects will be released theatrically or become direct-to-DVD releases. Read on for the full story…Variety reports:

Sony is moving ahead with three horror and action sequels, though it has not yet been determined whether they’ll be released through a Sony label, such as Columbia Pictures or Screen Gems, or go direct to video.

Pics are “I Know What You Did Last Summer 3,” “Hollow Man 2″ and “Road House 2.”

No director has yet been hired for “I Know What You Did Last Summer 3,” which Michael Weiss is penning.

Pic follows a group of teenagers who believe they accidentally killed a man only to discover that the would-be victim is now out to kill them.

Neal Moritz and Erik Feig are producing.

No cast has been assembled, but the new “Summer” won’t be starring the original cast of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

“Hollow Man 2,” being directed by Claudio Fah, is the sequel to the Columbia Pictures 2000 film, which told the story of a group of scientists who discover a way to make people invisible.

Script is by Joel Soisson.

Red Wagon’s Douglas Wick is producing with David Lancaster and Vicky Southeran.

Source: Hollywood Reporter/Variety