It’s Good to Live in the UK: Your Head’s Gonna Spin

Warner Home Video UK has announced The Exorcist: The Complete DVD Resurrection for release on October 17th, according to Davis DVD. The boxed set will include the currently available editions of The Exorcist (the original version), Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Exorcist III and Exorcist: The Beginning. Presented for the first time ever following a successful premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, this set also will include director Paul Schrader’s much talked about Dominion: A Prequel to The Exorcist. This original atmospheric prequel was rejected by producing studio Morgan Creek and later reshot by director Renny Harlin as “Exorcist: The Beginning.” Retail will be £32.99. You can find the artwork over at DVD Answers.

Source: Davis DVD, DVD Answers