Venom (The Reaper) Test Screens in LA, How’d it Go?

Miramax’s retitled (3 times now) Venom (aka The Reaper/Backwater) just test screened here in Los Angeles and we’ve got small word inside form a B-D reader who attended. Read on and see how Jim Gillespie’s (I Know What You Did Last Summer) film rubbed off on our reader. From the creator of “Scream” and the director of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” comes “Venom,” a voodoo horror tale set deep in the swamps of Louisiana centered around a group of teenagers fighting for their lives against a mysterious evil force. Venom is set for release September 16th…

Venom aka Backwater aka The Reaper
From: Test Screener

“Hey BD. Just wanted to send in my first review for you. I was lucky enough to attend what they called “one of the first” screenings of “Venom” last night. I was ready for a stinker and found myself pleasantly suprised. If they don’t chop it up for PG-13 then they got themselves a nice little flick here. It’s your typical teen slasher with a voodoo twist but thanks to the relentless killer and decent cast the movie proves to be pretty fun. The kills are cringe worthy and while some of the lines are a bit hokey, the cast does their best. The scenery is pretty good and the explanation of the killer is one of the more interesting we’ve seen. The effects were still works in progress so I won’t get down on them.

I don’t like to give away a lot of plot details so I’ll just say it’s a fun little movie. Entertaining with some good scares (a couple cheap ones, true, but good). Probably one of the better monster movies since Jeepers Creepers.”