Who Will Fill George Romero’s Shoes?

We broke the news back when Land of the Dead hit theaters that George A. Romero might not be able to shoot his one-hour Masters of Horror film- and it was confirmed as a fact a few weeks back. Mick Garris, who created this amazing anthology that premiers October 28th on Showtime, was left with a hole in his giant name list. Who could possibly fill Romero’s shoes? Read on and find out…Fangoria reports that John McNaughton, director of the seminal HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, has been signed to direct HAECKEL’S TALE, which series producer/creator Mick Garris adapted from the Clive Barker story.

“I’m really excited to have McNaughton on the show,” Garris tells Fango. “[His segment is] really a different kind of horror movie, being a period piece, set in 1832, and with a real Clive Barker kind of whacked sexuality to it. It’s quite a meal, and I know that John will make it a nutritious one.”

Follow the link for more and pre-order your copy of Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer (20th Anniversary) here (hits stores September 27th).

Source: Fangoria