On the Set of Wolfgang Petersen’s ‘Poseidon’!

I have to tell you guys, for a mega summer blockbuster that’s sure to end up as a PG-13 release- this film is bloody as all hell! If you head on over to our sister site FDM you can check out our exclusive set visit to the set of Warner Bros. Poseidon. At the link you can read our report, our interview with star Kevin Dillon and check out an exclusive clip from the set! The original movie, released in 1972 by 20th Century Fox, told the story of a ragtag group of survivors trapped on a passenger ship after it is capsized by a monster wave. It was followed by the 1979 sequel “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure,” which was released by Warner Bros. The new movie would be set in the present day and follow a new set of characters that attempts to survive after a rogue wave flips the S.S. Poseidon.

Source: Freeze Dried Movies