Celebrate Henry’s 20th with His Serial Killer Friends!

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is coming back to DVD to celebrate it’s 20th Anniversary and we’ve been given three amazing prize packs to celebrate that release! Join Henry and his friends Charles Manson, Kenneth Bianchi, Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas for the party, don’t forget to bring something good to eat! Read on to see how to win John McNaughton’s (interview) legendary film along with The Manson Family and The Serial Killers

Buy Henry’s 20th Anni DVD here
Buy The Manson Family here
Buy The Serial Killers here

Want to win these trio of DVDs? We’ve been supplied with three (3) prize packs containing Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Manson Family Unrated and The Serial Killers. All you have to do is E-mail me the following:

-Put ‘Henry’ in the subject line
-Inside include your full name
-Mailing address
-Who’s your fav serial killer and why

Winners will be chosen at random on October 1st. But you can pick up ‘Henry’ and the others on DVD this Tuesday, September 27th.

Source: Buy Henry Here