I’ve Gone Blind!!! ‘The Eye’ Gets Even Worse!

Man oh man, this is easily one of the absolute worst pieces of news I’ve ever had to report. I mean this is bad, even worse than C-C’s joke about Ryan Phillippe playing Leatherface years ago- which is also a hint at who I’m talking about. So what could be worse than Hideo Nakata directing The Eye remake, whom is the same man who destroyed his own franchise with The Ring Two? Read on and prepare to gouge your eyes out…

My Eyes!!!

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Renee Zellweger is attached to star in the psychological horror film “The Eye” for Paramount Pictures, with Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner producing through their C/W Prods. banner. A remake of 2002’s Hong Kong thriller “Jian gui,” “The Eye” centers on a woman (Zellweger) who sees more than she bargained for when she regains her vision after a cornea transplant. Hideo Nakata, who helmed the Japanese horror hit “Ringu,” which spawned a sequel and the English-language versions “The Ring” and “The Ring Two,” will direct from a screenplay by Sebastian Gutierrez and Hillary Seitz. Nakata also directed “Ringu 2” and “The Ring Two.”

Seriously guys, I’m done with this movie, this is the second movie I’ve officially turned my back on (the other being the ‘Evil Dead’ remake). I can go on and on, but I think her acting in her movies speak for itself…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter