Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ Gets Holiday Release!!

Lions Gate is showing their enthusiasm for Eli Roth’s second feature film Hostel (test screening review, #2) by moving the release date from January 6th up to December 21st, 2005! The movie is receiving rave reviews from all over the world as it prepares for its release. Eli was nice enough to comment on the announcement, “As you know, Christmas time is Oscar season, and we really feel that “Hostel” is a very strong candidate for a new category I heard they’re adding called “most sex and violence combined into one movie.” I think we really have a shot at winning that one. I love the date, because every Christmas I spend all day at the movies, and it’s almost always family stuff or pretentious Oscar films. Those films for years have made me vomit, and now it’s my opportunity to return the favor.” I’ll drink egg nog to that!

Source: Hollywood Reporter