Indie Film Corner: Slaughtered Vomit Dolls/Moonstalker

I seriously get at least one e-mail a day regarding some new indie horror film that wants promotion, so look for the “Indie Film Corner” title if this is the type of sh-t you dig. Today I’ve got some buzz on two indie films coming to DVD soon, and one of them is the most disgusting revolting disturbing thing I’ve ever witnessed a trailer for. Read on for the skinny on Slaughtered Vomit Doll and Moonstalker

Written and directed by Lucifer Valentine 666 comes Slaughtered Vomit Doll, which has just given me the creeps, that someone would actually make this movie. I warn you HEAVILY in advance, do NOT watch this is vomit grosses you out. Otherwise prepare to be… dazzled? Eh….

Head on over to the Vomit Dolls official website for the most disgusting trailer you’ve ever seen. The website is actually really sweet and I enjoy the layout and content within.

Also today Slasherpool announced Moonstalker on DVD. Fangoria reports on it:

The folks at Slasherpool have announced that the obscure 1988 psycho flick MOONSTALKER will be available on Region 2 European DVD beginning December 21.

Written and directed by Michael O’Rourke, it stars Joe Balogh (who went on to the Italian shockers HITCHER IN THE DARK and BLACK DEMONS) and starts off at a campground where an old man arrives with a trailer in which he keeps his deranged son. The crazy guy gets loose, of course, and soon sets his sights on a group of counselors-in-training at a nearby summer camp.

The film, whose U.S. VHS release is long out of print and which is unavailable anywhere else on disc, will be presented in a remastered fullscreen transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks and removable Swedish subtitles. Extras, if any, are to be annouced, and the U.S. price is $19.98. You can e-mail for ordering information.

Source: Official websites