David Cronenberg’s Making Human Masks!

Tonight we’ve been pointed in the direction of some fantastic news regarding David Cronenberg’s next film. After the success of his film A History of Violence over at New Line this past year, projects have finally been getting off the ground for the legendary director- and his next will be I Kill, which is based on a disturbing novel by Giorgio Faletti. Read on for details…JoBlo reports via Bad Taste:

Despite originally being rumored to be directed by Bruce Beresford (DRIVING MISS DAISY), according to the Italian website BadTaste.it, fellow Canadian and all-around creepy-movie director David Cronenberg has now taken the reigns on the big screen adaptation of Giorgio Faletti’s I KILL novel, which has a pretty tasty premise:

During his show, Jean-Loup Verdier, a famous Radio Montecarlo disc-jockey, receives a call from a man who declares live on radio that he’s planning to commit a crime. That very night, Formula One racing driver, Jochen Welder, and his fiancée, Arijane Parker, a famous chess player, are murdered: both victims’ faces are completely removed by the killer to make masks.

That is apparently the set-up to this 700-page thriller, which Cronenberg will be directing, based on a screenplay already written by Davide Ferrario. The film will be a co-production between Italy, the US and other European countries, and not all of the actors will be Italian (although no casting has been done on the film yet). I KILL sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. The film is set to start filming as soon as Cronenberg feels up to it.

Source: Bad Taste, JoBlo