We Say Goodbye to Horror’s Best Friend Gregg Hoffman

When I got the call on my cell phone this afternoon, my stomach sank to the floor. Twisted Pictures’ Gregg Hoffman, one of the horror genre’s best friend, and a very close friend of Bloody-Disgusting, has passed on this weekend. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and everyone else close to this wonderful man. Gregg, along with his partners at Twisted Pictures, were responsible for such films as Saw, Saw II and the upcoming Catacombs, Silence, Saw III and Crawlspace. In a brutal industry where not many people catch a break, Gregg has always given new writers/directors a chance to prove themselves. We will miss you Gregg. Inside you’ll find a beautiful pice written by Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II, along with the official Obituary…

We Love You Gregg!

From Darren’s Blog:

This weekend I was informed of a terrible and tragic loss of a close friend, Gregg Hoffman. I, as you, always prefaced Gregg Hoffman as the producer and genius behind SAW and SAW II, but I realize now that was only doing Gregg a disservice as ‘Hoffman’ was much more than the producer of a couple of horror films, he was an extremely passionate and amazing human being.

Gregg Hoffman leaves behind a legacy not only of the films he produced, but of the peoples lives he changed. I only had the honor of knowing Gregg for a little over a year, but within that year he took an insecure Midwesterner with hopes and dreams of being a director and made it reality. “I am going to take you into a war zone” he would tell me “Stick close by me, listen when I tell you things and I promise you, I will not let you down.” And Gregg my man, you did not let me down, ever.

Besides being my producer, Gregg was a very close friend. Any person who could put up with my obsessed and insane personality ought to be commended, Gregg did it with a smile on his face.

Gregg, you gave me an opportunity when no one else would. You took a chance when everyone else didn’t. You stuck by me through hell and high water, you pushed me to the edge, but were there to make sure I didn’t fall off.

Gregg, I thank you… For taking a risk… Being a man of your word… Being a mentor… But more importantly being a great friend.

I will never forget how you changed my life, and everyone else’s you came in contact with.

You will truly be missed my friend, and forever remembered.



LOS ANGELES, CA – December 5th, 2005 — Gregg Hoffman, Twisted Pictures partner and producer died of natural causes on Sunday, December 4th, at 7:15 a.m. in Los Angeles. Hoffman was 42 years old and is survived by his wife Lucienne, Four year old son Luke, Eight year old son Jared, mother Stephanie and sister Tracy.

Hoffman, a partner in Twisted Pictures and President of production most recently produced SAW, SAW 2, Catacombs and Silence. He was currently working on Crawlspace and SAW 3.

Prior to his time with Twisted Pictures, Hoffman worked at The Walt Disney Company, and was instrumental in the acquisition, development and production of numerous successful projects including “George of the Jungle,” “Inspector Gadget,” “101 Dalmatians,” “102 Dalmatians,” “The Parent Trap,” “The Rookie,” “Corky Romano” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” Prior to exiting, Hoffman held the post of Senior Vice President of Production and earned a producer credit on “George of the Jungle 2.”

Hoffman’s first position in entertainment was as a story editor. He later embarked on his writing and producing career.

Hoffman was from Arizona and was a Dean’s List graduate from American University in Washington DC.

Donations in Gregg Hoffman’s name can be made to Habitat for Humanity, 310-323-4663.

Memorial information to be announced.

Source: Lions Gate Films