BD’s Very Own ‘Stay Alive’ Poster Contest!!

[color=yellow]Someone was listening when Sony got blasted by fans across the world asking, “what the hell were those posters chosen for?” Today Hollywood Pictures has kicked off their own poster contest for their upcoming pic Stay Alive, and this one is 100% legit. How do I know? Because I get to pick one of the winners, that’s how! Now it’s time to put your sick, demented minds to work and create your own ‘Stay Alive’ one-sheet! Read on for rules and to see where to submit. When a group of teenagers begin to play an ultra-realistic videogame called Stay Alive they soon discover a spine-chilling connection — they are each being brutally murdered one-by-one in the same method as the character they played in the game. As the line between the game world and the real world disappears, the group must find a way to STAY ALIVE…[/color]

(Note: Feel free to post your finished submissions in our special Stay Alive Poster Contest thread. I will watch your opinions and keep them in mind when choosing a winner.)

Attention horror buffs – put your sick, demented minds to work and create your own STAY ALIVE one-sheet. Use the assets provided here ( or come up with your own concept entirely- it’s up to you! Your submission will be judged based on creativity, originality, and the emotional intensity of the artwork. There are no rules other than it follow the standard one-sheet structure and communicate the idea that “You die in the game. You die for real.”

Put “STAY ALIVE POSTER” in the subject line and email your one-sheet (one entry per person) to We will select a finalist that will be judged by the filmmakers of STAY ALIVE along with (4) other finalists from select sites.

*The winner will receive a (10) DVD library of horror titles from BVHE, a signed STAY ALIVE one-sheet and the winning one-sheet concept will be featured here on BLOOD!

Entry Deadline is March 1. Stay Alive is in theaters March 24th.

Visit the official website for more ideas.

Source: Official materials here