Zombie Back to Horror, Wrong Turn 2 and Wes Craven’s Next!

Fangoria was busy today added a whole bunch of sweet lil’ scoops for you to chew on. One report stands out though as Stan Winston told Moviehole.net this morning that 20th Century Fox’s Wrong Turn 2 was now on the backburner- but according to Fango the project is moving forward- we have no clue who’s correct. Inside you’ll find the news on ‘Wrong Turn 2′, read about Rob Zombie’s next horror pic and check out a nice-sized story about Wes Craven’s post-‘Hills’ life…“A source slipped Fango a few tidbits on WRONG TURN 2, the direct-to-DVD sequel to the 2003 shocker (pictured) set to roll soon for release by Fox Home Video. This installment centers on Ma and Pa, the inbreds (also brother and sister!) who spawned the deformed villains seen in the original movie; the murderous couple terrorize the contestants on a SURVIVOR-style reality show who wind up getting lost in the savages’ woods. The screenwriters are Turi Meyer and Al Septien, whose credits include LEPRECHAUN 2, SLEEPSTALKER and CANDYMAN: DAY OF THE DEAD; the latter two were also directed by Meyer, but there’s no word yet on whether he’ll do the same on the new TURN.”

As for Rob Zombie, he tells Fango that “he’s in the early stages of work on his third feature, a horror film that he is scripting. But he’s hesitant to reveal more details until the deal is done: “I’m not ready to announce it yet, because it’s gonna be a pretty big announcement when it happens,” Zombie tells Fango, “but we’re still in the legal affairs stage of the deal right now. But there’s gonna be something big coming soon.

And for a massive article on Wes Craven’s future projects, click here.

Source: Fangoria