I’m 100% Onboard… Get Me ‘Infected’!

As we all know remakes are like a virus in Hollywood, and every week or so there is a new one announced- but what’s truly rare is when there’s one that really needs to be remade. Today New Line Cinema obtained remake rights to 2004 Japanese hospital horror film Infection, which I’d say is basically a Japanese ‘Re-Animator’ that really lacked a slime-filled finale. Now New Line has the chance to make things right, and B-D is super pumped! Read Buzz’s review of the original here, or read on for the skinny…Variety reports:

New Line has obtained remake rights to 2004 Japanese hospital horror film “Infection” and set up the project with original producer Takashige Ichise along with Vertigo Entertainment principals Roy Lee and Doug Davison.

The studio has hired Channing Gibson (“Walking Tall,” “Cradle 2 The Grave”) to script.

U.S. version will be set in an isolated hospital where the staff — stymied by mistakes and coverups — races to battle a deadly infection that turns out to be of supernatural origin.

New Line execs Jeff Katz and George Waud oversee for the studio.

“Infection” will be the latest in a long line of Vertigo films that have originated in Japan, including “The Ring,” “The Ring 2,” “The Grudge” and “Dark Water.” Shingle’s also producing “The Grudge 2,” “The Departed” and “Lake House.”

Source: Variety