Bruce Talks ‘Evil Dead’ Remake, Promises They Won’t Insult

A red flag was raised when Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures announced they’d be remaking his classic horror pic The Evil Dead sometime in the near future — without Bruce Campbell as Ash. We here at B-D broke the news on what Raimi had to say way back last February, today Campbell has his say in Penny Blood Magazine, “It’ll be a whole new story, though. It won’t be with Ash… It’ll be the evil book, and it’ll affect a whole new group of people in a different situation. More like a reinvention. A lot of people, they got really crabby on the Internet when they first heard that type of stuff. But, we would never do anything to insult them. The trick is to take that premise – and we think it’s a scary premise – and use some cool modern day FX… so we won’t have green garden hoses in the shots. We wanna make a flat out, scary-ass, un-rated horror film.” I’m still hoping this one just doesn’t happen at all.

Source: Penny Blood Magazine