Check Out NECA’s Jigsaw Figure from ‘Saw’!

Today NECA posted an image of their Jigsaw Killer figure from Lionsgate’s Saw and Saw II in progress over at their official MySpace page. This is one of the most goreous sculpts I’ve seen in a long time over at NECA. The Horror Channel lists al of NECA’s upcoming releases: Cult Classics Series 3 is in stores now, the second series of Resident Evil 4 toys will be shipping out very soon; their 12” Chucky will be out in late May, the Seed of Chucky boxed set is due for June along with CC Series 4 (Shaun, Chucky, Plaid Shirt Zombie, and Sebastian Haff), and Series 5 (Evil Ash, Hannibal, Jigsaw, and an as-yet-to-be-named figure) will hit in August. Watch for more new images of the figures in the coming weeks– and good luck getting a Flyboy figure, they’re sold out everywhere (GRRRR)!

Source: NECA