‘Silent Hill’ Review #2 Says Film “Doesn’t Suck”

Two down one to go as both reviews here at B-D are positive! TriStar Pictures (who didn’t screen the film for critics) has finally released Christophe Gans’ highly anticipated adaptation of Silent Hill. Earlier we posted the first review by Vapor Rub here, which was scored the same as Clint’s newly added review, which can be read by clicking here. Clint writes, “For anyone that was creeped out by the girl crawling out of the TV in The Ring, this movie, packed with similar imagery, will melt your brain. And for all of those who need their horror films slathered in gore, you will not be disappointed by Silent Hill; particularly the last reel, which all but leaves a red stain on the movie theater’s screen.” Click here to post your reviews in our official ‘Silent Hill’ review thread.

Source: Review #2