Exclusive New Details on Ti West’s ‘Trigger Man’

This morning is was revealed (here) that Ti West’s (The Roost) second feature film will be another horror film entitled Trigger Man. The film, which is inspired by true events, tells the story of three hunters who mysteriously become the hunted. Also scripted by West the Scareflix pic stars Heather Robb, Sean Reid, Reggie Cunningham and Ray Sullivan and James Felix McKenney. After the announcement we got in touch with West to find out more about the film, which we’re pretty damn excited about. Inside you’ll find another teaser poster for the film with some word directly from West…Ti West reveals to B-D:

“I can’t give away any plot details yet because it is such a small movie that any information about the characters or the killer would be huge spoilers…But if you look at the title and the artwork…It’s not rocket science to figure it out. However, I can say that it is the complete opposite of “The Roost.” There is nothing supernatural or pulpy about this one…It is going to be real violence. Stylistically it will have a verite/dogme vibe that people will either love or hate. It is a risky second film, but exactly what I want to be doing (don’t expect any cheesy “boo scares” in this one…It’s not that kind of movie). The way I am going about it is to explore what it would really be like to be in such a horrific situation…And the fact that it is based on real events makes it all the more terrifying.

We also tried to find out what his release pans are for this film, as ‘The Roost’ is coming later this year to DVD from Vitagraph:

“We are aiming to finish in time for Halloween and go the whole festival route again. Hopefully things will move quickly and we will get a speedier release than “The Roost.”