Roth’s ‘Bad Seed’ Placed on the Backburner

Bad news for fans of The Bad Seed, the 1956 horror classic about a homicidal 8-year-old girl: A long-discussed remake of the flick is now on hold after the breakthrough success of “Hostel” writer/director Eli Roth, who is putting the flick on the backburner while he concentrates on other projects, according to MTV. “The problem is, I love ‘Bad Seed,’ but I just don’t know how I’m gonna do everything,” Roth said, citing plans to make a sequel to his recent hit. “ ‘Hostel’ was originally going to be the movie that I was going to do between ‘Bad Seed’ and ‘Cabin Fever.’ … I’d just go and do this little film for 4 million bucks. And then ‘Hostel’ opened at #1 and became the main focus. … I love the project, and I’d love to do it, but at this point I don’t want to stop [the studio] from making it. … It’s taking a back seat.” ‘Bad Seed’ is being developed over at Warner Bros. Pictures. But who can complain as long as people like Roth are pumping new horror films into our veins every year?

Source: MTV