New Featured Article: Introducing B-D’s ‘What If…?’

Are you becoming a fan of John Slaney’s ongoing Slaughtered on Sight articles? If you are you’re going to LOVE his next column, which I am extremely excited about. Let me introduce to you… B-D’s WHAT IF…?. Have you ever sat back and wondered what would have happened if the writers of your favorite horror franchises were thinking differently the day they wrote the stories (maybe they weren’t drunk…)? Here at B-D we often get into late night discussions about this, and when I was trying to think of new content for the site this one stood out — but who was ingenious enough to write it? John Slaney impressed the hell out of me with his Slaughtered on Sight articles, so he was the obvious choice. So here it is, get ready for… What If…? Volume #1: What if Freddy Krueger Never Died in the Fire? *Note: If you’d like to try and design a logo for this ongoing feature, feel free to e-mail one to

Source: Introducing WHAT IF...?!