B-D on the ‘Killer Pad’ Set w/Robert Englund!

The other day west coast reporter SpookyDan was on the set in Los Angeles for Robert Englund’s now filming Killer Pad, which stars Lin Shaye, Shane McRae, Eric Jungman and Daniel Franzese. Inside you’ll find part one of Dan’s report form the set, which features an mini-interview with Robert Englund– and yes, there is Nightmare on Elm St. Prequel talk!! With FX work being done by the great Almost Human, this should be one gory, fun flick! The story revolves around three friends who use money from an insurance claim to move out of their parents’ homes. They score a place in the Hollywood Hills and refuse to believe that the house has a dark history…

Robert Englund spills the beans about KILLER PAD and the next NIGHTMARE pic
By: SpookyDan

Hey ghouls! The other day I got to have a quick chat with uber legend Robert Englund when I was on the set of his latest directing gig, KILLER PAD. There he dropped some hints as to what is to come for the film, its cast and what the future may possibly hold for Freddy Krueger! KILLER PAD is a comedy about three stoners who rent a house in the Hollywood Hills, just so they can get laid. But the house is haunted with sexy demon girls with a lust for souls (believe me when I say they are unbelievably sexy)! From the man who is the legendary “Freddy Kruger” and the producer of “DUDE, WHERE’s MY CAR?”, KILLER PAD is a horror/comedy that serves up a killer plate of laughs and scares.

Spooky Dan: Tell me about your cast in this film…

Robert Englund: Well Shane McRae from Four Kings with Seth Green, I saw him on TV and I just loved him. I wanted him from the get go! I am a huge fan of Bobby Lee from Mad TV and wanted him. I am an old friend of Lyn Shay from Something About Mary and my co-star in 2001 Maniacs, so I wanted Lyn and I got Lyn. And they are all doing us favors because we don’t have any money. I discovered a terrific actor from Monster Man; Eric Jungmann. And then Danny Franzese stole me, so we got Franzese. And we have other great cameos; we have this terrific guy Jeff Davis playing the part of Backwater. What a terrific actor who I remember from Who’s Line is it Anyway, but apparently has a phenomenal stand up act, and I found out hat he is a Broadway baby too! And I got my old pal Sam McMurray who starred in a play with me here in the late 80s. It was by John Patrick Shanley who won the Pulitzer Prize last year for Danny The Deep Blue Sea, and I heard this legend about Sam, that Shanley written plays for this guy, and of course he was great in Raising Arizona, and he came in and did the roll for us, as the fire Marshall.

SD: Everyone on set keeps saying how incredible everyone is, especially Joey Lawrence…

RE: Yeah Joey Lawrence! We were all having a dinner meeting, and Joey happened to sit across from us and I was just watching him eat, and he talks with his hands. He’s like Joe Peschi but a good-looking guy, and he gestures so much that we thought, that he would be great. He’s a funny kid, but he’s a man now, and he agreed to be a little self-deprecating and he is one of the people that the house kills

SD: What’s the tone of this movie?

RE What I want my horror fans, and gore fans and my sci-fi fans to know that this is really a silly movie with horror elements. But it’s more in the world of a low budget low rent Ghostbusters or Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. It’s for all these people that don’t have their drivers’ licenses and everybody else that wants to show up for a good fart joke!

SD: What do you know about a possible Freddy prequel? you mentioned that you wanted to se it done as a killer, and brutal CSI, very gritty and raw!

RE: I hear the same rumors hat you guys do, nothing has been announced. When I was at Stitches with my lawyer, Sam Raimi, and Cary Elwes, for a midnight show of Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. I loved it, It rocked my world. I am so glad that somebody took us back to docudrama kind of filmmaking as opposed to this god damned disease of the week movie where you see on TV that curates with 90 minutes of Meredith Baxter Birney. I just hate that. But Henry was a film I liked a lot and I like Michael Rooker, and the rumor I heard is that John McNaughton may be directing the prequel to Nightmare on Elm St.

There you have it, rumors from the man who would know best! Stay Tuned for my exclusive interviews with the very cool writer of the film Dan Stoller, and FX Wizard Robert Hall from Almost Human FX! And while you wait be sure to check out the website with uploaded pictures from the set, story synopsis, viral videos and more here at www.killerpadmovie.com

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