Lee Perkins to Star in John Gray’s ‘JOB’

Actor Lee Perkins (KatieBird) dropped us an e-mail today announcing his next role in John Gray’s JOB, which was announced at Fangori’as Weekend of Horrors. The film, based on a sinister plot involving the gruesome disappearance of several priests who run a remote summer camp for boys, (and designed in the spirit of Halloween and Friday the 13th), has already become the source of much debate and controversy among certain religious groups in the Los Angeles area. Director/Co-writer John Gray was unavailable for comment, but did reveal that he refused to take the dark subject matter and make a more passive PG-13 version of the film just to avoid any heated controversy. Saying: “We plan to keep this one dark, and true to form for the fans of the horror genre!” Actors Michael (Furnace) Pare and Bill (The Devils Rejects) Moseley are in talks to star.