NECA’s ‘Hall of Fame’ Line Includes New ‘Pinhead’

Later this Fall NECA will release a limited edition Cult Classics Series entitled “Hall of Fame“, according to their official blog. This collection will be produced in limited quantities and is comprised of characters that were previously only available in deluxe boxed sets or in some cases we have sculpted new pieces to make some of the figures different from versions previously released. The Hall of Fame series includes: Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2, Rooftop Battle Crow from The Crow, Pinhead from Hellraiser II: Hellbound, and New Nightmare Freddy from Wes Cravens New Nightmare. Each 7″ scale figure is highly detailed with movie accurate accessories and they each come with a diorama base. For specific details on each figure’s variant and to see a pic of the new Pinhead figure, read on…News andpic from NECA’s MySpace Page:

The new version of Pinhead features the original Pinhead figure body from Series I with new chest deco and the weapons from Hellbound Pinhead. Pinhead comes with an interchangeable head that features his Elliot Spencer likeness from the end of Hellraiser II and a brand new custom display base that can be connected to the Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Cenobite Lair Playset. This is the first time Pinhead has been part of the Cult Classics line.

“Sackhead” Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2, previously only available in the Friday the 13th 25th Anniversary Boxed Set, comes with his Alternate Head, Machete, Pick Axe, Spear, Base, and Pamela’s Head

“Rooftop” Crow, previously only available in the Crow Rooftop Battle Boxed Set, comes with the Weather Vane and a modified section of the Roof Diorama Base

New Nightmare Freddy will be the shortpacked figure as he was previously part of Cult Classics Series 2. The difference here is the inclusion of the demon head from the end of New Nightmare. We sculpted this for the 18″ version of NN Freddy and loved it so much we wish we had thought of including it back with the original carded release. This is a chance to do that…

…For you Cult Classics collectors and purists don’t worry we are still planning at least 3 series for 2007 and that does not include the Hall of Fame format. Cult Classics 6 is well under way for Spring of 2007 and we are planning Series 7 and 8 right now.
In 2006 alone we will have released CC 3, 4, 5, the Hall of Fame series, the Halloween Evolution of Evil 2 pack, and larger format figures like 12″ Frank the Bunny, 12″ Shaun of the Dead, and 18″ NN Freddy. We love this genre and plan to keep delivering the figures you want and have asked for.

For more information on WHY they’re doing this, click the link below.

Source: NECA Blog