Exclusive Chat with ‘The Farm’s’ Scott Nicholson

As Stephen King has put “his” little corner of Maine on the horror map, so has North Carolina horror writer Scott Nicholson. Western North Carolina, with the Appalachian Mountains and the deeply-ingrained beliefs in “haints” and folklore, all prove to be a more than adequate setting for Nicholson’s creepy if not outright horrifying novels. With the July publication of “The Farm” (now in stores), Nicholson’s fifth foray into the mostly unknown, to “outsiders” anyway, world of rural Appalachia, horror readers should definitely take note of a regional writer who just might give King a run for his money. Bloody-Disgusting’s Elaine Lamkin recently spoke to Nicholson on the eve of the publication of “The Farm”, you can read the interview by clicking the link above.

Source: Interview #276