Apparently B-Movie Horror Icons Aren’t Worth McFarlane’s Time

Excuses, excuses… I personally feel like McFarlane has abandoned us horror fans, who helped kick off McFarlane Toys’ success, so he can go and make sports figures that sell ten times as well. From a business stand point I get it, but from an ethical stand point I think his head should hang in shame. Today a new interview with the comic book legend himself, Todd McFarlane, has come online and has a little bit of details on the future of the Movie Maniacs line that started it all. Yes it’s bad news, so read on and sigh with me…McFarlane tells Now Playing Magazine in regards to the Movie Maniacs line:

It went a little bit dormant for us because I thought that we were sort of getting past the A list and into the A- and into the B. I mean the longer you go, you start dipping lower, if you will. Some of them that you put on the B, C lists are cool visually, so you could sell them. But, if you just say you’re going put a gun to your head and say, “We’re gonna put six out every year or every six months,” I mean, you start burning through the good ones.

Sigh, excuses, excuses. I’ll stick with NECA, who I known appreciates us.

Source: Now Playing Magazine