Ondaatje Revisits Hitchcock’s Ripper Murders

Writer/director David Ondaatje is remaking The Lodger, the 1927 silent film directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, based on the novel of the same name by Marie Adelaide Lowndes, about a fictional version of the Jack Ripper Killings, according to Production Weekly. Production is scheduled to begin early next year in Los Angeles. Read on for the synopsis, which sounds like one hell of a good time.

Ondaatje’s contemporary adaptation of “The Lodger” will have two converging plotlines: the first centered around the relationship between a paranoid landlord and her tenant coinciding with a spat of grisly neighborhood murders: and the second involving the personal and professional struggles of a troubled detective as he tries to catch the elusive killer.

Already highly stressed by tensions in his personal life, Detective Chandler Manners must now track a maniacal killer who is emulating the Jack the Ripper murders. Worse, Chandler is beginning to suspect that he might have sent the wrong man to the death house some seven years ago. Now, with the help of his new rookie partner, Street Wilkenson, Chandler is trying to track the culprit before he strikes again, but the case takes an even more bizarre turn when he himself ends up the prime suspect in the case.

Source: Production Weekly