Romero’s Diary of the Dead’ Going Straight to DVD?

It was announced (here) last week that George A. Romero would be returning to the zombie genre with Diary of the Dead. The plot that was revealed created quite a divided opinion through the web community, today even more was explained- stuff that might change a lot of your opinions on the new venture. Read on for the skinny. With a story mixing elements of “The Blair Witch Project” and the long-running “Dead” series, the film will follow a group of college students shooting a horror movie in the woods who stumble upon a real zombie uprising. When the onslaught begins, they seize the moment as any good film students would, capturing the undead in a “cinema verite” style that causes more than the usual production headaches.Diary will be going back to the time of the initial outbreak, according to Dread Central.

I wanted a new set of characters and have them deal with these events as they first come,” says Romero. “I also want to deal with things from a very different perspective.” Romero continues, “I want to do this from a subjective kind of view with no music. You know, something really raw… so it’s kind of a stylistic experiment, a low budget, under the radar kind of thing that’s just sort of from the heart.

But here’s the shocker, Romero is more interested in releasing in a direct-to-video capacity instead of theatrically, although that might happen as well, DC writes.

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Source: Dread Central