A Duo of Clips from Anchor Bay’s ‘Voodoo Moon’

Today we were provided with two clips from Anchor Bay’s Voodoo Moon, which hits DVD on October 3rd. Twenty years ago, a demonic massacre in a sleepy Southern town left two young siblings as the lone survivors. But for adult Cole (Eric Mabius) and his younger sister Heather (Charisma Carpenter), an obsession with their parents’ satanic slaughter has lasted a lifetime. Now through Cole’s psychic connection with a group that includes an outlaw biker (John Amos), a traumatized cop (Jeffrey Combs) and a mysterious healer (Dee Wallace), vengeance is about to take a very unholy turn. Tonight they will all be brought together in a place where depraved secrets are exposed, legions of the damned are unleashed, and the final battle between Good and Evil will be fought beneath the VOODOO MOON…

The Basement

Playing Cards with a Zombie

You can pre-order this DVD at Amazon. Voodoo Moon hits retailers October 3rd.

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Source: Anchor Bay