Atomic’s ‘Carnival of Lost Souls’ Halloween Celebration!

Yes, the rumors are true, B-D was up in London and Morocco covering both Fox Atomic’s 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes II. Although we’d love to brag about it, that’s not the point of a set visit- it’s to inform. So starting this Halloween not only will you catch some brief coverage from our insane trip here on B-D as part of your regular daily visit, but you’ll be able to check out more over at Fox Atomic’s Carnival of Lost Souls, which features a complete overhaul of This is going to be a SICK event, an all-day horror take-over of the site, where people are going to see the first looks ever (photos and a few video teases) for 28 Weeks and Hills 2. Check the sweet poster inside for more on the madness.

Source: Official Website