Indie Horror: Germany’s ‘Dard Divorce’ Looks Bloody!

As many of you know there are thousands of indie horror films being shot every year… unfortunately many of them are terrible, which is why we’ve really been picky about which ones we cover. Today we received word on a new German horror film, which looks really freakin’ cool and I wanted to share some goodies with you. The film Dard Divorce, was directed by Olaf Ittenbach and stars Martina Ittenbach, Daryl Jackson, Jaymes Butler, Kamary Phillips, Barrett Jones and Christopher Kriesa. We’ve been supplied with tons of photos, a synopsis and a link to the trailer. Read on for the skinny.Dard Divorce is the story of the young counselor Nathalie, who lives seperated from her husband Tim. As the custody battle has already started this could be the last weekend Tim can pick up his two children Elisabeth und Jeremy. The high legal costs have already ruined Tim. Because of that Nathalie has premonition about this situation. But shortly before the suit of law she can not make any mistakes. As her dog suddenly disappears it seems that her misgivings will come true. A short time later Tim, who is bodily injured appears. During death struggle he tells Nathalie that “They” have kidnapped the children. Tim dies in the arms of Nathalie leaving her with mistified. Very soon it seems that her worst nightmares are coming true.

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