Behind-the-Scenes of Stuart Gordon’s ‘Stuck’

Stuart Gordon’s Stuck, which is based on a true story about a young woman who commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim, has finally completed production and today a bunch of behind-the-scenes videos were discovered online over at YouTube. Read on to check ’em out. The film stars Stephen Rea, Mena Suvari, Russell Hornsby, Rukiya Bernard, John Dartt, John Dunsworth, Mauricio Hoyos, Patrick McKenna, Liam McNamara, Marguerite McNeil, Martin Moreno, Bunthivy Nou, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, R.D. Reid and Wayne Robson.
Based on a true story, “Stuck” introduces us to Brandi Helper, a young and compassionate caregiver at a retirement home whose life is turn upside down when she accidentally hits Tom Bardo, a homeless man. With the terribly injured Tom stuck in the windshield of her car, Brandi drives home and parks the car in her garage. Although she promises to take him to an emergency room, Brandi realizes that she will destroy her own future if she does so. Instead she decides to wait for Tom to die, so she and her boyfriend Rashid can dispose of the body. When Tom realizes this, he knows that his only chance of survival is to find a way to escape.

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Source: YouTube