Update on J.T. Petty’s ‘The Burrowers’

One script I read last year that I was pretty excited about was J.T. Petty’s The Burrowers, which is set up over at Lionsgate for Petty to direct. In period piece takes place in the Wild West where creatures come up from the underground to feed on the inhabitants of a town. We asked Petty for an update on the film as we’ve heard buzz that the film is finally gearing to roll, he tells us exclusively, “ ‘Burrowers’ has been constantly if slowly trundling forward over the last two years, and I think we are set to shoot this summer. The movie’s largely cast, though nobody’s deal’s done yet. Rob Hall’s (Almost Human) doing special effects, which he’s been doing an amazing job on. Lionsgate remains dedicated to letting me make the strangest and bloodiest movie I can.” From the script I read… this is going to be one hell of a film!