Book Review: Charlie Huston’s ‘No Dominion’

B-D writer Jessica Dwyer is back with another book review, she’s been uber busy helping HorrorHound Magazine become as big as they are and running her own site, It’s really great to be able to share something new with you, today you’ll read her review of Charlie Huston’s No Dominion, the 2nd book in Huston’s vampire series. Read on for the review.No Dominion
Fiction Review
By Jessica Dwyer (Fangirl Magazine

Vampire anti-hero Joe Pitt returns in the 2nd book in Charlie Huston’s vampire series.

The first novel was a welcome change to the many vampire detective books which have been springing up over the years. Many of these works have the lead struggling with his condition and being a tortured soul looking for a way out. Not Pitt. He’s come to terms with the virus and has made a science out of survival. He’s practical and he takes no bullshit.

Joe gets drawn into the vampire political game once again after witnessing a newly converted vamp wig out at a local bar. It seems there’s a new high on the street, a high for vamps that is as addictive as hell and when too much is taken…well…things go bad for the vamp and for the people around them. Part of the addiction is the fact that there is really nothing that can get a vampire stoned or high…so anything that allows you to feel something like that is tempting. So Joe’s got his work cut out for him.

With low funds and an even lower blood stash, Joe agrees to go search out the source of the drug. This leads him to The Hood of Harlem and tangles with some of the Coalitions top vamps. Add to that a rat inside The Society and a double dealings all around and you’ve got Joe having a very bad day.

Huston’s got another great read here. The characters are detailed and he doesn’t skimp on the squirm factor when it comes the blood and guts. He makes you believe in this alternate reality with a realistic take on legendary creatures. And he deals with real problems and emotions.

One of the most compelling and continued parts of Joe Pitts (un)life is his relationship with his HIV positive girlfriend Evie. Should he change her? Make her trade one virus for another? What would happen if he actually told her the truth? Pitt will eventually have to decide if he wants to watch her suffer the ravages of this disease and then lose her, or give her the same problems he’s got.

My only problem with Huston’s books are how he structures them. Dialog between characters is sometimes hard to follow due to format he uses. You can’t tell who’s saying what at first. But eventually you get used to it.

In a way it’s very screenplay like, which is amusing since the rights to the first novel, Already Dead, have been picked up to be made into a feature film.

No Dominion is a great read and according to the powers that be is the 2nd in what will be a series of five books. Pick it up today and enjoy.

Source: Fangirl Mag