Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ Trailer When?! More Details!

Writer/Director Rob Zombie has been quite busy today on his MySpace page promoting his upcoming reenvisioning of Halloween, which hits theaters August 31. Besides the six new pictures we showed you earlier, he just announced that the first trailer will attached to all prints of Gridnhouse on April 6! In addition, he posted an article from the USA Today, which can be found inside.‘Halloween’ returning in Zombie-vision format
Michael Myers isn’t just a murderer, he’s misunderstood.

So says Rob Zombie, who is bringing Michael back to the movies in Halloween, opening in August.

“It starts off when he’s a kid,” says Zombie, director of The Devil’s Rejects and House of 1,000 Corpses. “Act 2 is him in an asylum.”

Zombie’s films are notorious for their twisted gore, but that’s not what drives people to movies, he says. “They have to care about the characters. Michael Myers in the past is usually a stunt man wearing that mask. He’s a fully formed character in this.”

And that famous mask — in the original, it was a Capt. Kirk Star Trek mask painted white — gets a back story, Zombie says.

Gore may not be what sells a movie, but this Halloween will have Zombie’s bloody fingerprints on it. “It’s a very hard R — as extreme as it can be. The violence is brutal and it’s real.”

Jamie Lee Curtis played a babysitter stalked by Myers in the 1978 original. In this version, Scout Taylor-Compton plays the role. Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon, plays Michael’s mom.

“Michael Myers is a character that for the last 28 years has degenerated into a popular Halloween character,” Zombie says. “People will be shocked he’s back to being a hard-core terrifying character.”

—Patty Rhule

Source: MySpace