Loud Talker Gives ‘Hack/Slash’ Scoopage!

Some people don’t know when to tone down… and some don’t know when to quit eavesdropping – so I guess we all have our faults. Either way, I won in this situation as I heard some very interesting news regarding Rogue Pictures’ Hack/Slash, the adaptation to the popular comic book that has been selling out everywhere. Inside we scored possible casting details for the major genre pic that’s sure to change the way things have been going the past few months. Can’t wait to see this sucker in 2008, it’s just what Rogue needs!While at a recent after party in Hollywood I overheard something quite interesting regarding Todd Lincoln’s HACK/SLASH, which is currently set up over at Rogue. I overheard that the role of Cassie Hack is already attracting top actresses and that the director’s first choice for Vlad is MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN. This is perfect casting – he is already Vlad if you ask us! Whomever this person was also claimed that Rogue Pictures is hoping to be shooting in August/September with a theatrical release in 2008! Todd Lincoln is attached to direct and co-wrote the screenplay.

I’m really curious/excited to see what Lincoln does with this. This project is definitely one of my top films to watch in 2007 as it could massivly change our genre (much needed, I know). It’s nice to see something going into production that’s original and not a remake, not a sequel and not japanese horror!

Hack/Slash is the hit horror comic book series from Devil’s Due Publishing. The recently released Hack/Slash VS. Chucky comic sold out in its first day of release. The first issue of the new Hack/Slash ongoing series hits stores MAY 9th.

In the book, Cassie Hack hunts and kills slashers with her only friend in the world, Vlad. They drive around the U.S. in a junker van hunting, baiting, killing slashers. The well-known slasher movies don’t exist as movies in Cassie’s reality. In HACK/SLASH, all fictional slashers and horror territories really exist. Haddonfield, Springwood (Elm Street), Bates Motel and Camp Crystal Lake are all real places in the America that Cassie and Vlad drive around in.

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