Rejoice As ‘Teeth’ Goes R, Snarl At ‘Hatchet’s’ NC-17

A bunch of new MPAA ratings came in this afternoon and both are extremely news worthy. First and foremost Lionsgate’s Sundance acquisition Teeth (review, interviews) scored a solid “R” rating – and from rumblings around us we hear the film still has its balls (yeah I’m funny, I know). But before you can put on the party hats and celebrate a genre victory, we have another uphill battle raging forth. It was revealed that Adam Green’s Hatchet (review) has been given an NC-17, which is f-cking preposterous if you ask me. The movie is so over-the-top and fun that I don’t see how anyone could take it that serious. Yay MPAA, thanks for ruining our party. We’re told Anchor Bay intends on appealing (good for them!). Talk about it inside.