Jaimie Alexander to Return in Raw Feed’s ‘Rest Stop 2′

It was announced a few months back that Warner Home Video’s Raw Feed was already hard at work on a sequel to Rest Stop as it was a huge success as a direct-to-video feature. Moviehole.net caught up with director John Shiban who revealed more details on the second film, which will be developed into several sequels, Shiban ells the site that he’d like to try and get original star Jaimie Alexander involved again, “I’m going to try, yeah. This is how I see it – and this is the way I explained it to Warners – ‘remember Mad Max? and remember the Road Warrior? It was the same mythology and same character but it not only took it up a step, it took it in a different direction. I definitely want to bring back a number of the [original] people and keep the mythology going – but I just want to do a much different kind of movie.” Click the link for the full story.

Source: Moviehole.net