Ramchandani Talks ‘The Tribe’ and It’s Future

Bloody-Disgusting recently had the pleasure of talking to Mohit Ramchandani, the writer-producer of After Dark Films’ The Tribe, which was filmed last year in Costa Rica. Inside you’ll find all sorts of juicy details like more on the plot, a possible sequel, prequel and MORE! The film follows a group of twenty-somethings stranded on a deserted island who encounter humanoid creatures and must fight for their survival.
One thing about After Dark’s THE TRIBE is that it’s pretty secretive; nobody seems to know anything about it other than when the announcement was made. We got Mo to tell us a bit more. “THE TRIBE is kinda a throwback to the ‘80s action/horror stuff that I grew up on. It’s like PREDATOR but with a female protagonist,” he tells B-D, “On the surface it’s about a group of twenty-something’s going on their annual summer sailing trip. They end up lost and stranded on an uncharted island and soon are being stalked by the island’s inhabitants.” But the story is more than meets the eye as there’s another plot hidden within, “On a deeper level it tells us the story of a young girl who’s spent most of her life clinging to her boyfriend and not living out her own dreams,” he explains, “During the film her boyfriend goes missing and she spends a large part of the film on her own, fighting to stay alive. The horror that transpires is really a reflection of her worst fears (being on her own, having to fend for herself etc.).

Being that Hollywood always seems to try and make the next SAW or HOSTEL, and doesn’t seem to have any originality in it, we wondered how TRIBE compares to horror movies in theaters now? “It’s funny you ask that question as I’ve been asking myself that for the last year and I still don’t have an answer. It’s not a slasher movie like TEXAS CHAINSAW, it’s not shock horror like SAW, it’s not a straight forward creature-feature like JEEPERS CREEPERS and even though were aiming for PG-13 it doesn’t really compare to DISTURBIA or WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.” What Mo and his team are trying to make, though, is his own beast, “[THE TRIBE] is an action/horror/adventure epic. At least that’s what we’re trying to make it given the limited budget we had to make the film.

Being that the film is aiming at a PG-13 release, Mo talked about how bloody the film will be, “TRIBE is really bloody but I don’t know how much will make it in the final cut as were going PG-13… Oh well, I guess that means there’ll be an uncensored DVD.

After Dark Films was extremely excited about the film when they picked up distribution rights, and rumors circulated that Courtney Solomon felt TRIBE is extremely franchisable, which is probably why a sequel is already in the back of Mo’s mind. “We are planning a sequel. My company owns the rights to the sequels; it’s just about how this film does (obviously),” he then reveals the basic storyline, “The sequel does stand on its own and I don’t know how much I can give away at this point so all I’ll say is that the inhabitants of the island are the missing link in evolution. If the missing link between man and beast were to be discovered then it would disprove genesis and our friend the pope would be out of business.

Mo is thinking big as he finishes by telling B-D exclusively, “There is a prequel too!