First Report From The Set of MGM’s ‘Pathology’

Inside you’ll find B-D’s very own SpookyDan’s report from the set of MGM’s Pathology, which is currently lensing in Los Angeles, CA. The film centers on a young intern who is studying pathology at Philadelphia’s University Hospital and encounters an attractive but murderous group of colleagues who have devised a deadly game to see who among them can commit the perfect murder, while the others compete to determine the cause of death. Read on for our first pic from the set, along with word from director Marc Schoelermann, star Milo Ventimiglia and writer Mark NeveldinePathology
Director Marc Schoelermann, Star Milo Ventimiglia and Writer Mark Neveldine talk bursting colons and death!
By SpookyDan

SpookyDan w/writer-producer Mark Neveldine

A couple weeks ago B-D’s own SpookyDan hit up the set of the upcoming sci-fi thriller PATHOLOGY here in Los Angeles, CA. The film centers on Ted (Milo Ventimiglia) who is an unsuspecting newbie entering into a dangerous game that these forensic scientists are playing.

Very similar in tone to FLATLINERS and SE7EN, we’re told that this is a film that doesn’t go for cheap laughs, but stays inside a more serious tone and goes for a very elegant look into the darker side of this fascinating profession. Spooky talked with star Milo Ventimiglia about how hard it was to dive inside the heavy subject matter and research his roll in the film, “This wasn’t that strange or difficult for me to get into because at around 18-years-old I was looking into going into a medical profession and went into acting instead,” he continues, “[while doing research for the role] walking into the coroner’s office that first day and seeing three different dead bodies that had all died from different causes, it makes you appreciate looking someone in the eye, having a conversation, giving someone a hug [or even] kissing a girl. You have such an appreciation of those things after being around these lifeless bodies that are really just a shell.

PATHOLOGY has forensic science, doctors and murder all intertwined, writer Mark Neveldine talked to Spooky Dan about how this differs from CSI, “These are real people, really smart kids and doctors. Doctor’s are sort of sick, they are not as conservative and lame as people think they are; they are really brilliant people who have wild ideas. You can just imagine while they are cutting you open the things that they may be thinking about. They’re not thinking about the beach when they are looking at your intestines – it’s a different world.” Neveldine wanted to really explore new territory and push the envelope when writing PATHOLOGY, “In the story we wanted to push the limits of what humans would do,” he explains, “there are good people and bad people and we are certainly writing about the bad ones… THE TWISTED ONES!

Neveldine tells us that PATHOLOGY gives homage to THE LOST BOYS and is pretty bloody, “Ultimately it’s about a kid being seduced into this group, a little wink at THE LOST BOYS in a way. It’s filled with a lot of the gore elements that we love! In practically every scene there are some horribly gruesome pieces; we are cutting people while they are alive and not just when they are dead,’ he reveals, “We are killing people in really twisted and fu**ed up ways!” Just how gruesome will the film get? “We have two bodies splayed out with a colon bursting with digested and undigested food (lovingly called the “sh*tpipe”)… there was a guy who puked when he saw it; I couldn’t be happier!

Almost everyone Spooky talked with said that PATHOLOGY is not a horror film. Even director Marc Schoelermann (who told us that he visits Bloody-Disgusting at least once a day from Germany) tried to refute the horror title, but was happy to talk about what kinds of horror is effective to him, “I like the ones that are rooted in reality,” he explained, “what you are going to see on the screen in PATHOLOGY is really what you would see when you visit a real morgue. [The film] is not a sugar coated rock video version of it, but really based in reality.

Sure it’s main genre isn’t horror, but in reality the tone and origins of this film are more embedded in horror than other (so-called) horror movies these days.

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Source: SpookyDan