UPDATED: Universal Rips Off Bousman’s ‘Repo!’?

Update: Darren Lynn Bousman responds here! Ok, this type of stuff goes on all the time in Hollywood… but this is ridiculous. A new movie was announced today over at Universal that’s a complete rip-off of Darren Lynn Bousman’s previously announced Repo! The Genetic Opera, which is set to lense in August. The writers of the new Uni film claim to have been working on the story for nearly four years… but Repo! was a play before that (2002). Whatever – judge for yourself and watch for Repo vs Repo in 2008. Read on for details on “Repo! The Non-Musical Version!” errr The Repossession Mambo (it even sounds like a musical).
Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are set to star in “The Repossession Mambo” for Universal Pictures, according to Variety.

Thriller marks the feature directing debut of Miguel Sapochnik. Stuber/Parent’s Scott Stuber and Mary Parent produce.

Morality tale is set in the near future, when artificial organs can be bought on credit, with the understanding that defaulting on payment will result in a fatal repossession.

Eric Garcia and Garret Lerner wrote the script based on a novel by Garcia, and they’ve been working on “The Repossession Mambo” with Sapochnik for the past four years.

The film begins shooting this summer, which should put it a heartbeat ahead of “Repo! The Genetic Opera!”; latter pic is a musical but harvests similar organ-donor repo turf. Twisted Pictures is financing the latter pic, which “Saw” helmer Darren Lynn Bousman is directing.

Sapochnik wrote and directed short film “The Dreamer.”

Source: Variety