Anchor Bay/Starz Announces ‘Unholy’, Cover Art, Specs

Anchor Bay/Starz have a new horror flick on their plate called The Unholy, which hits DVD September 4, according to DVD Active. Following World War II, a classified U.S. military document recounting the results of a Nazi occult experiment was uncovered and smuggled into an underground facility in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Many years later, a mother (Adrienne Barbeau) is confronted with the grisly reality of her daughter’s suicide. Are these events linked? What seems like a random family tragedy leads to a conspiracy of bizarre crimes, occult carnage and a necromancer who may control a new arsenal of demonic warfare including paranormal powers, time travel and satanic rituals. Just how far will our government go to harness a Nazi legacy that will not die? Extras will include and audio commentary with Writer/Director/Producer Daryl Goldberg and Writer/Executive Producer Sam Freeman, a trailer, and a poster and still gallery. Audio and video specs were not included in this press release. Click here to see the cover art.

Source: DVD Active